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My name is Gwen Gruber. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years experience. I am empathic, non-judgmental and down to earth.

I believe in the premise that “small changes can create enormous differences in one’s life.”

I provide a safe and confidential environment where children, adolescents, adults, couples and families are able to explore their thoughts, feelings and behavior through psychotherapy and counseling.


I am pleased to announce that starting January 2014 I am expanding my private practice. My new office will be at the “Executive Suites at Kierland,”

is conveniently located in Scottsdale near to the North East Phoenix/ Scottsdale border. It is close to Scottsdale Air Park and near the Loop 101 Scottsdale Road exit,  also near the Thunderbird Road and Greenway Parkway exits of the State Highway 51.


Most important I will be better able to serve clients throughout the Metro Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

Some of my primary specialties include working with adolescents, individuals with eating disorders and those suffering from addictions. I provide therapy for children, adolescents and adults. I also provide individual, couples and family therapy.

I am passionate about my work and in helping people achieve a sense of well- being. At times of transition and crisis in our lives, we are faced with turbulent and conflicting feelings. However, at the same critical time we have the opportunity to make choices and explore our problems in new and more productive ways.

I like to explore people’s relationships and attachments. I believe they can reflect a great deal upon how a person functions on a day to day basis. I also like to focus on the present moment and believe that mindfulness is a significant factor and can be helpful in healing and growing from past experiences.

Oftentimes, people come into therapy with symptoms of discontent, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression, or a host of other issues such as, alcohol and or substance abuse. Once we begin to explore where these feelings are coming from, clients frequently find new choices that enable them to transform their feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and to embark upon a completely new “life path.”

My integrative approach to psychotherapy incorporates several approaches to understanding people and many processes that they experience. I have extensive training and experience in psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, self-psychology, short-term solution-based therapy, and I am familiar with 12 step work.

Due to our individuality and our unique experiences, how one’s psychotherapy unfolds is determined by whom the individual is and what he or she wants to achieve. The beauty of psychotherapy—as is the beauty of human nature – that is no two individuals are identical. We may share similar threads and themes with other people. However, each person comes to the therapeutic experience with their unique set of emotional strengths and weaknesses. Many times, you may have the ability and strength but have not figured out how to tap into them.

I invite my clients to set the stage where they want to begin; together we will explore which path to take. Psychotherapy is a collaborative effort or co-authorship. My clients and I work together to foster self-empowerment, enhance self-esteem, increase autonomy and create a healthier, more productive sense of well-being.

I accept most insurance including Medicare plans; please look at my services page. I also offer a free phone consultation. Financial accommodations are possible in certain cases. So if you are motivated and want to change, I am willing to work with you.  

Most major insurance plans accepted.

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Gwen Gruber MSW, LCSW
(602) 670-9617

Business Office Suites at Kierland   
7010 E. Acoma Drive, Suite 101
 Scottsdale, AZ 85254